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House of Cristache Solomon


Location: Gării Blvd., no. 22
The construction was built in the style of Romanian architecture school of Ion Mincu and Petre Antonescu, as part of the specific urban buildings of the 20th century. The house, located nowadays in the station area, was executed on the request of Cristache Solomon family, being thought as dwelling at the basis.
Structurally “the property is part of the type of dwellings with ground floor and attic, with ordinary construction system: foundation made of stone, masonry walls with floors and structures made of wood. The main facade highlights the entrance by three steps and continues into a vestibule through a double leaf entrance door. The house has a rectangular plan, the access into rooms is made through a central hallway both downstairs and upstairs. The staircase that connects the first floor is made of wood. The main facade of the building highlights the protruded entrance that includes the first floor as well, which presents a triangular gable with a shaft door and a small balcony with railings. The window is framed by two engaged columns with composite capital supporting a semi-circular arch in withdrawals. The windows’ openings have flat profile frames. The roof is multiple, covering independently each volume. It also presents semi-circular arched skylights.” (National Cultural Heritage built in Vrancea County – Museum of Vrancea).
In 1950 it was nationalized and handed to the administration of I.J.G.C.L. which rented it to the Directorate of Labour and Social Welfare until 1992. Currently, the building houses RIB Bank within its premises.