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House of Cristoff Garabat (Tanasescu)


Location: Gării Blvd., no. 12
Construction dating back to the end of the 19th century, it was built by Tănăsescu family in the Hellenistic style.
Structurally “the building was built on one level, with elevated ground floor on stone and masonry walls. The main body has a square plan, with rooms arranged on each side of a central corridor. The entrance to the building is slightly protruded with a gable marked by railing and an ornamental arch, with coat of arms and floral themes above the door. The gable is covered separately. The front door is framed by stylobates with composite capital, slats in two leaves and ending in a semi-circular arch. The tympanum is decorated with coat of arms and vegetal themes. The access is made through a hallway lit by two windows arranged on each side of the door. Between the vestibule and the hallway there is a “glazvand”. On the eastern side of the building there is a second entrance, protruded by a two-leaf door with slats of wood, decorated with a lion head made in stucco above the door. The facades are decorated with bossage at the corners. The windows are framed by stylobates with composite capital supporting semi-circular gables, with as decor in timpani a “shell”. The cornice is more developed being made by successive withdrawals from the plaster. Above the entrance there is a frieze decorated with vegetal themes, the roof has a mansard and it is marked by skylights that illuminate the arch.” (National Cultural Heritage built in Vrancea County – Museum of Vrancea).
The building was nationalized in 1950 and entered into the possession of Local and Rural Enterprise, being subsequently given in use to the Health Inspectorate of Vrancea. Currently, the house belongs to the descendants of Tănăsescu family, being a retroceded property.

Opening times of the museums
Monday-Friday: 8:00 to 4:00 p.m.
Sâmbătă- Sunday: 09: 00-17 : 00
Rates Visitors : 1 leu / person for students or groups
4 lei / person for adults