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“Proorocul Samoil” Church (“Samuel Prophet”)


Location: Str. Mare a Unirii, no. 6
Founded by prince Constantin Cehan Racoviță in the second part of his reign (March 1759 – March 1757), this place of worship was erected in 1756, on the site donated by Ioniță Zugravul. At the basis, the first construction was made of wood, fact mentioned also in “Letopisețul Țării Moldovei”: “And there they made a wooden church in Focșani”. The same writing also depicted the visit of Constantin Vodă Cehan in 1755: “taking the second the reign in Moldova, Constantin Vodă Cehan, in 1755 … and reaching Focșani he sat there for three days …going to a wooden church, of His Highness, Samuel Prophets, heard the service, for which that visit was carried, made of wood by the hand of bishop Roman.”
The following year, instead of the old place of worship it began the building of another church that was to be part of a monastic complex. The monastery was surrounded by stone walls, in 1789 it also provided shelter to Russo-Austrian armies during the Russo-Turkish-Austrian conflict.
Structurally “the church was built on a cross-shaped plan with porch, narthex, nave and altar and the spire on the porch is accessible through a wooden staircase. The facades are enclosed by a strongly profiled belt which divides them into two registers. The lower register is decorated with trilobite arches terminated in braces that rest on leaned pillars with cylindrical pin. The upper register presents rectangular panels with circular oriels in the middle. The model is of Wallachian inspiration. The door is marked by a raised section forming an angle above it. The spire has a square plan and is decorated with leaned pillars that support blind semi-circular arches, arches framing the windows.” (National Cultural Heritage built in Vrancea County – Museum of Vrancea).