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Heroes Mausoleum


Location: București Blvd, no.7
The construction is funerary edifice dedicated to heroes fallen during the 1st World War accomplished to the initiative of Gen. Teodor Liscu (commander of the Sixth Division Focșani) and of the Cultural League section in Focșani.
The monument was initiated in 1924, according to the plan of architect Ștefan Balosin and accommodates within its premises the bones of 1,744 fallen heroes of the 1st World War confrontations.
Structurally “the byzantine-inspired construction is well proportioned. Lateral domes arched on three halves of sphere, emerge as a curved lines posing. The main facade presents a gable with plant decorations in stucco framing the inscription. Behind the gable it rises the central part above which a decorated dome emerges with niches and topped by a cross. On the platform above the mausoleum it was mounted a marble plaque with the inscription: “We built-up this Christian lamp out of the people offertory to the eternal memory of the heroes: Vasile Chilian, Toma Cotea, Ștefan Săcăluș, Dumitru Pantazică and Vasile Gălățeanu executed by the enemies on 17th of August 1917, for their immutable faith in the nation and the country. 17 August 1937.” (National Cultural Heritage built in Vrancea County – Museum of Vrancea).