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“St. Voievozi” Church - Stamatinesti


Location: Moldova Street, no. 5
In the former street Stamatinești (today Moldova Street no. 5), “Banul Toma Stamatin” built “Sf. Voievozi” Church using it first as a private halidom of the family bearing the name “Stamatinești Church”. The renowned boyar Toma Stamatin, “High Stewart of Vrancea” and owner of vineyards, founder of “Scînteia” hermitage (commune of Jariștea) and “Ivănvești” hermitage (currently the commune of Bolotești) accomplished it together with his son-in-law, Vasile Andrieș.
The place of worship was built on the foundation of an old wooden church destroyed by a fire in 1789-1798.
The name of this institution is also linked to poet Grigore Alexandrescu (Customs clerk in Focșani and member of the Central Committee), who married Raluca Stamatin inside the family chapel on May 29th, 1860.
Structurally “the monument was built on the type of triconque plan with narthex, nave and altar. The facades are divided into two horizontal registers, by a belt located above the windows, made of a row of bricks placed on the corner accompanied by a raised section at the top. To the east it is preserved a fragment of the enclosure wall dating from the 18th century.” (National Cultural Heritage built in Vrancea County – Museum of Vrancea).