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“Unirea” High School


Location: Cezar Bolliac Street, no. 15
Based on the Order no. 26512/10th of August 1865, are laid the foundations of the first local middle school (Gymnasium), which officially opened its doors on January 7th, 1866 and bore the name of Prince Alexandru Ioan Cuza. Later on, for political reasons, the gymnasium is forced to adopt the name “Union” and in 1885 it became “Unirea” High School.
Being a school establishment by the end of the 19th century, with classical type of architecture and with traditional Romanian style elements, “Unirea” High School occupies the former abbey garden “Sf. Ioan”. The architect responsible for making the building was Constantin Băicoianu, his work being completed in 1899.
Structurally “the building falls under the category of school establishments with ground floor and first floor, with a U-plan. The main body, centrally located, highlights the entrance slightly protruded, marked by two columns surmounted triangularly, with decorated tympanum. The facades present a strongly profiled belt demarcating the ground floor. The exterior is made apparently of brick, and punctuates the windows. The roof is treated in Romanian style.” (National Cultural Heritage built in Vrancea County – Museum of Vrancea).
Over time the main building has undergone many changes and additions, including: extension of the right wing with another eight classrooms and laboratories (1936-1937), the school library (built in 1876) is open to the public (1900-1911 ) and in 1928 two halls of the high school are transformed into an ethnographic museum on the initiative of Professor Alexandru Arbore.
With its long existence, the “Unirea” High School was a real centre of culture and training, from its banks got out some of the outstanding personalities of the local and national culture, including: architect Anghel Saligny, architect Ion Mincu , writer and diplomat Duiliu Zamfirescu, S. Mehedinţi, Constantin C. Giurescu, Dumitru F. Caian, geographer Simion Mehedinți, chemist Gheorghe Gh . Longinecu, historian Ion Nestor etc.
Given its long tradition “Unirea” High School still remains an important public training centre in the city of Focșani, being an important place driven by a proud tradition in training and an important array of brilliant students who have attended it.