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”Adormirea Maicii Domnului” Church – Donie


Location: Maior Gheorghe Pastia Street, no.12
Building that lasted from the early 18th century, the “Adormirea Maicii Domnului” also knows as “Donie”, is a place of worship built by Captain Donie.
Structurally “the church was built on the type of three-cone-shaped plan with porch, initially opened, narthex, nave and altar, with a spire above the narthex. The porch initially presented openings in semi-circular arches resting on round columns and masonry pillars at the corners. The façades are divided into two registers by a belt of bricks placed on the corner and located above the windows. Under the cornice there are two parallel strips slightly raised. Between the two belts, the space is punctuated by two blind niches in the form of clubs, painted with saints. As decor it is noted the highly rich stone frames decorated with vegetal themes framing the windows.” (National Cultural Heritage built in Vrancea County – Museum of Vrancea).