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”Sf. Dumitru si Antonie” Church – Uzina (“St. Dumitru and Anthony”)


Location: Eroilor Street, no. 4
“Saint Dumitru” Church, also known as Captain Vicol’s Church, was erected on a site donated by Toader Hobjilă and his brother (Delea) on 20th of February 1692. Initially the church was made of wood, in 1696 and then, in 1709, the wall was rebuilt as a three-cone shaped building.
The Church was an ideological product of the 18th century (strongly influenced by the Phanariot regime); which led to small founders who saw them as a tool for spiritual, social and material liberation,
Dedicating this place of worship to Agapia Monastery led to the creation of a true rebellion of the townspeople; its properties in Focșani and Bolotești being invaded by angry residents. After several attempts, undertaken by the heads of the monastery, the situation normalized; whereas the regulatory and resolution mission, between townspeople and convent, is taken over by the Moldovan Metropolitan Veniamin Costache, in a letter sent to Putna “Stărostie” on January 10th, 1820.
Structurally “the church was built on the type of cross-shaped plan with porch, narthex, nave and altar. The building system is the ordinary one with carrying masonry with lime mortar. The porch shows a closed steel-lattice made of carved wood. The façades are treated in the neoclassical style, separated horizontally by a strongly profiled belt made of plaster. The upper register is decorated with square niches. The spire is located on the porch.” (National Cultural Heritage built in Vrancea County – Museum of Vrancea).