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”Nasterea Maicii Domnului” Church – Sapunari (“Nativity of Holy Mother of God”)


Location: Simion Bărnuțiu Street, no. 1
Located in the centre of the city (in the wide loop called “Gârla Hotarului”), near the municipal theatre, the “Nativity of the Holy Mother of God” Church is a foundation dating back to 178; considered to be a joint project of the local guild (that of soap makers, candle merchants, skinners and furriers). Among the main financers of the guild there were: Dima Săpunaru, Ioniță Blănaru, Ioniță Margos and the priest Gheorghe of Gârlești.
The building itself was contained in the map drafted by the Austrian Major State during the Russo-Austrian-Turkish War in 1786-1789 .
Structurally “it is built on the foundation made of stone and masonry. It presents a triconch style with originally open porch, with trilobite arches, supported by masonry pillars. The decoration of façades: waistband of two rows of bricks laying on the corner, separated by a rounded torus, with highly raised section, surrounding the church above the windows. The interior is covered with hemispherical arches resting on pendants and arches.” (National Cultural Heritage built in Vrancea County – Museum of Vrancea).