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Statue of Independence


Location: Cantemir Dimitrie Blvd, no. 15
In order to bring a tribute to those who have lost their lives for the independence of these lands, the heads of the public life in Focșani (Anton M. Alaci, Gen. Gh. Macarovitch, N.N. Săveanu, Gen. Ion Raşcu, mayors Th. Basarabeanu and Șt. Graur ) decided to erect a monument to the heroes fallen at Putna. The project drawn up by Oscar Spathe required for implementation the amount of 32,000 lei, of which they managed to gather (until 1908) only 22,000 lei. After reaching all endeavours undertaken by local authorities and by addressing the issue of location, the statue has found its place in front of the Palace of Justice.
The inauguration of the monument was achieved on June 29th, 1916, and in the festivity, General Gh. Macarovitch emphasized the sacredness of the monument : “The monument will be a living example for future generations who will have to discover themselves with piety in front of the stone and bronze”; while fellow liberal N.N. Săveanu emphasized its symbolic importance: “We have brought an offering of gratitude to those who through their blood gave us the independence of the country; the monument is not only an evocation of the past but a ray of hope for the future.”
Structurally, the monument is composed of a solid pedestal and a statuary group in “ronde-bosse” showing two characters (a “Dorobanţ” in attack position and a woman with a flag - Patria), with an overall height of about 6.5 metres. On the facade of the socle there is a bas-relief executed in bronze, which depicts the assault on Griviţei on August 30th, 1877.