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The Building of Prefecture


Location: Republicii Street, no. 71
Built in the Romanian style, the building of Prefecture is an administrative edifice whose construction was undertaken in the early 19th century in the architectural style of “Ion Mincu and Petre Antonescu” school. The style approached by both of them imposed itself through the affirmation of the national specificity in architecture and by exploiting the plastic potential of the Romanian traditional architecture. The construction work started in 1913, according to design plans of the architect Simion Vasilescu.
“Located in the civic centre, the building was constructed on two levels and a basement, the ground floor is U-shaped, centrally protruded. Four columns of composite capital support the ceiling of the central hall. Two staircases supported by the same type of columns connect the first floor. Movement upstairs is made by a loggia with access in every room. The main facade highlights the protruded entry and the loggia upstairs supported by six columns made of composite capital and trilobite arches. Between semi-circular arches on top, with sandstone carvings it punctuates the facade yellow, red and green, forming a bunch of grapes as decoration.” (National Cultural Heritage built in Vrancea County – Museum of Vrancea).