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“Duiliu Zamfirescu” Library – House of Blum


Location: Mihail Kogălniceanu Street, no. 13
“Built at the end of the 19th century by Dr. Blum, the building itself constituted a living space, storeyed, with rectangular plan and dead space on the northern side. The rooms are arranged symmetrically around the central hall, communicating with each other through a “wagon” system. In the northern end of the hall, a wooden staircase connects the first floor.
Downstairs and upstairs, the rooms on the northern-western corners present enclosed balconies with wooden windows and parapet made of Romanian style boards. The floors are marked of on facades by a strongly raised section belt. The windows of the ground floor present balusters at the level of the parapet, and above plaster eyebrows. The cornice is made of Lombard band and successive withdrawals of plaster. The eaves and the roof are outlined in Romanian style.” (National Cultural Heritage built in Vrancea County – Museum of Vrancea).
The dwelling was nationalised in 1950 and made available to O.C.O.T. Vrancea (Cadastre and Territorial Organization Office in Vrancea), and then AVP (Association of Hunters and Fishermen), and finally the building was assigned to the County Library “Duiliu Zamfirescu” in 1988, place where the library is still operating nowadays.