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Petrești Grove


The Petrești Grove is located near Focsani town, on the N-E side of it. It is the main leisure area serving the city. Part of the grove is a protected area. Inside the grove you can find a part of the Vrancea's tradional houses which are full of history. The Village Museum is synthesis of the Vrancea's folk traditions, of agricol folk and handcraft technics, custom and inhabited conditions - is situated, 7 km far from Focsani.

The leisure area from Petrești Grove represents an “island of forest in a sea of plain” with an area of 130 ha. The vegetation forming this forest consists predominantly of oak (Quercus robur) with specimens that are over 100 years old. Because of the drying of trees, in this grove have been planted specimens and bushes of ornamental value, mainly pine trees (Pinus sylvestris, Pinus nigra). 

The forest-cell also has a high avifauniistic potential, here the birdwachting could be practiced: thr blackbird(Turdus merula), the beak (Alauda arvensis), the woodpecker (Dendrococus major), the cukoo(Cucculus canorus).