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The live fire from Andreiashu de Jos (natural monument) is a protected area of national interest corresponding to category III of IUCN (mixed nature reserve) located in Vrancea County, In the administrative territory of the municipality of Andrea De Below.
The natural area with a surface of 12 hectares is located in the central part of Vrancea county and the northern part of the village Of The Village Of The Village Of The Village Of The Village Of The Village Of The Village Of The Arșa, At an altitude of 500 m, To the right of the village road linking Andiesu to Jos with Andandsu From Above
The Vivid fire from Andreyashu de Jos was declared a protected area by Law No. 5 of 6 March 2000 (on the approval of the national Spatial planning Plan- Section III - protected areas) and is an area of geological and landscape interest located in the right-side of Milcovet.
The natural area is a hilly surface (the soil and erosion hill) made of sedimentary rocks (marne and the gresii) and subject to landslides due to excessive deforestation, where natural gas (hydrocarbons) emitted are reported to light spontaneously and burn alone.