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Putna Waterfall


The waterfall of Putna (poor Putna) is a protected area of national interest corresponding to the category of IV IUCN (natural reserve, geologic and landscape), located in Vrancea county, on the administrative territory of Tulcea Municipality, near the village of Lepsa.

The cascade of Putna was declared A Monument Of Nature in 1973;the first facilities for the visit were then made.It is about 80 meters long and the water is tightened in a lake about 12 meters deep.The Cascada of Putna is currently included in the Putna Vrancea Natural Park as a sustainable management area.

The importance Of the Cascade of Putna consists of the landscape and hydromorphological character due not only to the present cascade, but also to the deserted cascade, which remains suspended on the left bank, above Putna, about 250 m downstream of the current waterfall, as a result of tectonic processes, when a portion of the old bed collapsed and the old course was diverted to its current whiteness.